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  • What is ECU Mapping?
    ECU remapping is the process of amending the software written into your vehicle's engine control unit (the brain of your engine). Generally, a remap is performed to fine-tune instructions that are sent to various components in the engine, sometimes to encourage them to work a bit harder or more efficiently. This results in more power, torque and in diesel engines, better fuel economy.
  • Why should I get a remap?
    If your car or van is lacking the pull power for towing, come to us and we will give your vehicle a specific custom remap that is focused on the torque and power at lower rev range. Alternatively if you are after better acceleration we can make your car more responsive with a safe boost of BHP and Torque to increase your 0-60 - this option is called a stage 1 remap and you could also gain better MPG. If you do a lot of motorway driving or require better MPG we can give you an increase in power as well as better MPG with one of our economic remaps.
  • Is car tuning safe?
    An ECU remap, if completed professionally, will always be safe. At JM Performance, we’ll only enhance your engine to what its components are capable of handling. We follow strict guidelines and proven methods of tuning to ensure that once your vehicle is remapped, it will be safe and worry-free. We perform both a before and after road test and diagnostics to ensure safe tuning.
  • Why are gains different?
    If you’re wondering why your friend’s or family member’s car seems to have better or worse performance gains than your vehicle does, this is likely because all or some of the components have different stress thresholds. Even if you have the same make and model, the trim or age of the vehicle may mean that the components that we optimise have slight differences in tolerance.

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